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Yogita Chaurasia, I D Chaurasia*

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To study visual and neurological outcome after treatment according to ONTT protocol

Original Article

Author Details : Yogita Chaurasia, I D Chaurasia*

Volume : 7, Issue : 4, Year : 2021

Article Page : 728-730

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Aim: To evaluate the visual and neurological outcomes of Optic Neuritis Treatment Trial (ONTT).
Background & Method: 40 Patients presenting with optic neuritis were enrolled in this study to analyze the Visual and Neurological outcomes after treatment according to ONTT Protocol, with emphasis on signs of anaemia, protein calorie malnutrition, vitamin deficiency, generalized lymphadenopathy, sinusitis, septic foci. Patients were followed up for three subsequent visits to assess the rate of visual recovery.
Result: Maximum patient 35(87.5) treated according to ONTT protocol while 5 (12.5%) treated with oral steroids alone. Maximum 33 eyes (70.2%) attain BCVA > 6/36 after 1st follow-up (with in 1 month) while 10(21.3%) eyes attain BCVA of 6/6 after 1st follow-up. 11 eyes (25.6%) attain BCVA 6/6 after II follow-up.
Conclusion: General prognosis for recovery of vision was good and was slightly worse in more severely affected cases in the present series. Pallor of the optic disc and defect of vision did not always correspond–3 eyes which showed temporal of the disc at the end of follow up had a final vision of 6/9 or better in each eye.

Keywords: Visual, Neurological & ONTT protocol.

How to cite : Chaurasia Y, Chaurasia I D, To study visual and neurological outcome after treatment according to ONTT protocol. Indian J Clin Exp Ophthalmol 2021;7(4):728-730

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