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Vasu Narasimha Naik*, Vishveswaraiah

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Medical management of pediculosis palpebrarum

Original Article

Author Details : Vasu Narasimha Naik*, Vishveswaraiah

Volume : 7, Issue : 1, Year : 2021

Article Page : 129-134

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Aim: To know the efficacy of only conservative management without manual removal of adult parasite in treatment of pediculosis palpebrarum.
Material and Methods: Seventeen patients with pediculosis palpebrarum underwent health education on personal hygiene, avoid overcrowding, counseling and psychotherapy. Deparasitisation of associated axillary and pubic area with Permethrin 1% cream application two courses at weeks gap. Washing clothes and linen in hot water. Face wash with shampoo lotion and simultaneously rubbing of the eye for 1-2 minutes thrice daily. Topically Antibiotic - steroid drops and ointment thrice daily for 6 weeks. No manual removal of adult parasite, epilation or trimming of the eye lashes was done.
Results: The mean age of patient is 19.5 +/- 13.4 years. Male: Female ratio was 10:7. Mean duration of symptom is 13.+/-6.6 weeks. Commonest presentation was itching in all patients. 82.3% (14/17) patients had bilateral involvement of both upper and lower lids with associated pubic and axillary area infestation.
By 1st week all had resolution of symptoms and on 3rd week 82.3% (14/17) free from infestation. (3 dropout) only discomfort was transient blurring of vision due to eye ointment.
Conclusion: Conservative management without manual removal of adult parasite is equally effective in treating pediculosis palpebrarum. Acceptable to children, anxious and non cooperative patients. It wiil avoid the discomfort to patients, complications of sedation and local side effects of topical parasiticidal agents. Only side effect was transient blurring of vision due to eye ointment.

Keywords: Conservative, Drops and ointment, Pediculosis palpebrarum.

How to cite : Naik V N , Vishveswaraiah, Medical management of pediculosis palpebrarum. Indian J Clin Exp Ophthalmol 2021;7(1):129-134

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